Our story

The winemaking company was founded in the 1960’ in the historically mining oriented village of Bacu Abis, in the municipality of Carbonia, in the heart of Sulcis Iglesiente.

The founder, Ercole Lenzu, decided to respect the vocation of his lands by dedicating a large part of it to the cultivation of traditional Sardinian vines, such as Carignano, Monica, Vermentino, Nuragus and Nasco. During the initial years, the harvest of Ecole’s land was primarily devoted to family’ consumption and partially sold to local wineries in the Sulcis Iglesiente.

In 2005 an ambitious project was born. The company embarked on a new path and aimed at the production of bottled wine destined to the high-level segment of the market. 2006 marks the first vintage of Bacu de Soli, a one-hundred percent Carignano del Sulcis vine, now the crown jewel of Vigneti Lenzus portfolio. 2016 is the year of the first vintage of the family's Vermentino, Bacu de Mari, followed in 2018 by the younger and cheerful Bacu de Bentu.

Vigneti Lenzu is now a consolidated, dynamic and ambitious family-owned business, in continuous development and improvement, respecting the traditions and values of the family and those of the territory.